New grant. 


Another opportunity to create artistic works on life and living as women, trans* and queer folks across identities and locations, in regressive, misogynistic and challenging times.

Fellowship Period: November 2021 - March 2022


It’s the times we live in, marked by a raging pandemic that refuses to be assuaged by the millions of lives it has destroyed. On other fronts, natural disasters, economic downturns, communal assertions, casteist and sexual violence, homo- and trans- phobia, intolerance and nationalist rhetorics continue to lock us in, shut us out, pull friends and lovers apart, leave our worlds asunder. We try to hold on to our ways of being and belonging, living, loving and working. We struggle to sustain our social, political, and artistic engagement with the world. But our experiences of loss, pain, hunger, deprivation, and violation, bear distinctive scars deepened by our identities of caste, gender, class, sexuality, dis/ability, and ethnicity.


What we are really confronting today is the timelessness of our oppressions. Continuing patriarchal control of our bodies, selves, minds, and spaces. Increasing legitimacy of family and community power on individuals. New strictures guised as protective measures. Willful marginalisation of those dis-abled by society, or dis-owned by the state. Systemic violence that reinforces hierarchies and intensifies the fragility of the most vulnerable. Widespread ‘othering’ of entire communities and regions as contagion to be controlled, pushed aside, their hope of equality quashed forever. State sponsored vigilante actions, majoritarian aggressions, and of course, outright suppression of our freedom to speak and act, especially as women, trans* and queer folks.

But act we must. Through our words, our art, our bodies, our voices, our expressions. We resist, we rage, we evoke, we challenge, we sneer, we laugh, we cry and, yes, we also celebrate our desires, dreams, and memories, as well as our freedoms, equality, dignity and rights so hard won. This is the moment to question, create and deliberate. To start new conversations, to imagine without inhibition, to disrupt notions of what is and must be, with the possibilities of what can be, may be, should be, will be.​​

Your voice. Your medium. Your call.

Do you speak best through words written in solitude, a song sung with friends, a podcast made with teammates? Do photographs capture your ideas best, an animation, or a film? Do graphics and art convey your message most potently, or the creation of objects? Do you find expression through your body in performance? Or are installations, online games or virtual reality what allow you to best share your experience of time and space with others?


The works proposed may be based on lived experiences, struggles, celebrations, transgressions, pain, dilemmas, introspection, humour, irony, testimony, technology, fact, fiction or fantasy. It is our vision that each of the works will speak with individuality, and yet, collectively complement and complicate each other to widen and deepen the conversations around gender in/justice, in/equalities, our past/s, present/s, and speculations for our futures.


The ​creative outcomes of ​the​ Genderalities2.0 project will be exhibited online and disseminated through a range of educational, cultural and other interactive spaces​ to visibilise issues, and generate debate and discussion, along with the works created under the ongoing reFrame Genderalities Fellowships 2020-2021.



The process.

It is hoped that the outcomes of the reFrame Fellowship will together traverse new terrain and help carry forward public discourse on multiple and complex issues relating to gender. With a plurality of content and artistic treatments, reFrame hopes to contribute creating a more robust artistic eco-system, quite unlike the train-wreck of dominant forces that seeks to demolish every trace of diversity and dissent today. Hence, during the course of the Fellowships, selected Fellows will receive on-going mentoring from the reFrame Team and further assistance, if considered valuable, from peers in their field/s. So that every Fellow can create the best manifestation of the ideas, perspectives and challenges they wish to share with the world.


Submission guidelines.


You, the applicant.

  • Anyone living in India can apply.

  • Applicants may be individuals, collectives or formal/informal partnerships.

  • You may apply only for one Fellowship at a time.

  • Where possible, preference will be given to newer artists, and those marginalised on the basis of their birth, work, dis/ability, gender identity or sexual orientation.


Your project.

  • Proposals may be for single works or a series.

  • Applicants must commit to producing the Fellowship outcomes by February 2022.

  • Works may be in any language, but should carry subtitles, descriptions or translations in English.

  • All works must be adaptable/usable on online media spaces. 

  • Applicants must commit that the works they will create under this Fellowship are original ideas, not belonging to anyone else/copyrighted in whole or part by someone else.

  • Each Fellowship will vary in the grant amount offered and deliverables expected.

  • All Fellows will get an additional Artist’s Fee of 25% of the total approved Production Budget.

Your next steps.

  • Download and Complete the Submission Form below.

  • Email it to

  • Mark your email with Subject: Application for Genderalities2.0 Fellowship. XXX (Your Name)



Our terms.


  • reFrame reserves the right to refuse any project on aesthetic, ethical and pragmatic grounds.

  • reFrame will not be responsible if multiple proposals explore similar ideas. We may select any of them, or could propose collaboration/s to applicants – which they are free to accept/reject.

  • The works that emerge from the reFrame Fellowships must be built around the core values of social justice, sensibility and commitment to those marginalised on the basis of gender, sexuality, caste, class, occupation, disability and minority religious/ethnic identity.

  • The decision of reFrame on the selection of Fellows will be final.


For an idea of the earlier Fellowships awarded and budgets granted, see Genderalities. 

For queries and clarifications, email us at