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Our Events

16 DAYS of celebrating the arts.

21 WORKS created under the reFrame genDeralities fellowships showcased.

COUNTLESS conversations contemplating gender and the arts, the personal and the political.


LIVE performances. Mixed media installations. Screenings of a feature film, documentaries, experimental films, as well as performance videos. Digital works on interactive tablets.


ENGAGING conversations with artists and artist collectives.


PANEL discussions with seasoned, insightful resource persons.


WORKSHOPS with NGO and community based workers, students, teachers and trainee teachers. Interactions with children and adults from the neighbourhood.


gFest at Studio Safdar brought a whole spectrum of issues together with a focus on how they intersect, shape and are shaped by questions of gender.


Aakash Chhabra | Abhishek Anicca | Arul Kani | Debarati Sarkar | Dhaarchidi Collective | Divya Sachar | Ektara Collective | Ipsita Choudhury | Jyotsna Siddharth | Manjari K | Mehdi Jahan | Muntaha Amin | Najrin Islam | Natasha Chandhock | Reya Ahmed | Rumi Harish | Samata Kala Manch | Shobhana Kumari | The Chinky Homo Project | The Storyboard Collective | Urvija Priyadarshini

UNPACKING GENDER. Works that challenge power and privilege of the binary world.

Ektara Collectives feature film,
Ek Jagah Apni [A place of my own].

You have no idea how much your love, appreciation and understanding means. There are obstacles at every turn for people like us. So the opportunity to tell our own stories meant a lot. But even shooting this film in public places wasn't easy. We had to turn a deaf ear to the comments we would get, and just focus on the work. Real acting that was!

Muskaan, actor.


TALKING GENDER & DISABILITY. Works that explore the struggles of the body and mind.

Divya Sachar’s experimental film, Searcher.

The very act of making the film was therapeutic for me. I was addressing my schizophrenia through the camera and by working in the editing suite. This process, along with medicines and the blessings of my guru, helped me make peace with my grandmother's suffering and illness as well.

Divya Sachar

DS cloth.jpg

DEEP DIVES INTO GENDER & IDENTITY. Works on gender, caste, race and religion.

Arul Kanis podcast series,
Identity Matters.

Whenever caste is discussed it is either through the lens of violence or reservations, so there’s always a particular visuality which I wanted to get away from. People like us speak about it all the time. It could be about our caste, your caste or somebody’s else’s caste. These conversations are everywhere, all the time. And that's what I wanted to capture in the podcast series.

Arul Kani


GENDER & LABOUR. Art that speaks to the vulnerabilities and invisibilities of what women do.

Dhaarchidi Collective’s mixed media installation, Pahadaan da Laan.

"Aakhir tu kya hi kamaandi?" or "After all, what do you earn?" This is what a woman is asked at the end of a exhausting day of work. Because no one considers any of the labour being done by women as valuable. Sadly, that often includes the women themselves. But in truth, their bodies are marked with signs of their labour - physical and emotional.

Anjali at gFest


GENDER & THE POLITICAL. Works that confront the larger forces around us.

Muntaha Amin's documentary film, Siege in the Air.

When you are living in that reality, in that moment, you just want to normalize it. When I went for my undergrad at Delhi University, I was getting introduced to all kinds of theories and ideas about looking at the world. That was the moment I started looking at our reality critically and I thought, this is not normal, this is unprecedented. 

Muntaha Amin

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