Our Partners


At reFrame, our imagination of the possibilities is ever expanding, but we believe that no one entity, body, or group can bring about the changes we dream on their own. As a centre aiming to support the production and dissemination of independent artistic and creative works, we are open, indeed always seeking to develop robust partnerships with like-minded people and organisations: educational institutes, art foundations, cultural centres, galleries, arthouses, public archives, art and culture study centres, universities, publishing houses, advocacy centres, and rights groups, to name a few.

From the start, a wide range of friends, comrades, saathis, and even strangers have already helped us become partners in our journey. Helping reach the word of our existence and the opportunities we offer to feminist, queer, Dalit, Bahujan, minority, adivasi, student groups, activists and artistes. Connecting us to other dreamers and doers. Walking with us as we seek to break the binaries between creative processes and production, art and activism, dissemination and distribution, outreach programmes and reaching out to newer publics. We thank you all, for being co-travellers. And we hope we energise you just as you strengthen us.

Together let us re-invigorate public conversations with the arts, and artists and break the silence on issues that loom large over our lives.