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Dinesh Khanna



Touch is as instinctive for humans as breathing and blinking. And yet warm and expressive. Will we have to re-learn and re-calibrate behaviour post this pandemic?


Dinesh Khanna has been working as a professional photographer for 30 years with an eclectic blend of commercial and personal work. For advertising and corporate clients, he has been shooting food, people and interiors and he also does visual documentation for NGOs and social organisations.

His personal work has been published as acclaimed books like ‘Bazaar’ and ‘Living Faith.’ The latest books he has worked on are: “Right of the Line – The President’s Bodyguard” and “Life in Rashtrapati Bhawan’ which have been commissioned by the Rashtrapati Bhawan and Sahapedia.

Over the years his work has also been shown in solo and group shows in galleries from Delhi to New York and Varanasi to San Francisco.

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