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Dhara Mehrotra

Installation | Acrylic, Ink, Thread, and Coir on Wall 


Touch and Texture are quiet often, what fills in for the unsaid between the lines. ‘Gossamer’ constitutes material as core part of the installation experience. It celebrates the phenomenon of tactile force being realised, not merely by physical proximity, but by forming surreal bonds of symbiotic co-existence. ‘Gossamer’ reflects upon the idea of self-organized communication in the plant world through fungal networks, also called mycelium. The installation is about the form, structure and topology of these networks.


Gossamer is realised within the framework of Five Million Incidents 2019-20 supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan in collaboration with Raqs Media Collective.



Dhara’s work essentially draws upon from landscape and its inherent ecology, largely around clusters and networks in nature. With an MFA in Painting from College of Art, Delhi University, year 2005, Dhara has exhibited with art galleries in New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, The Gulf Art Fair Dubai, ‘Museum of Sacred Arts’ (MOSA), Belgium, Madrid (Spain), ‘The China Art Museum’, Shanghai, and University of California, Savannah,  Georgia.  She is recipient of The Swapan Biswas Award for academic excellence, Visual Art Junior Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, 2007.

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