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Adrianna Michalska

Video 4' 03"


‘In Touch with Isolation’ is a short compilation of vignettes from the life of two artists living in Goa during the time of isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The film portrays different qualities of touch and textures that focus on micro sensations that are continuously shifting, and changing our most intimate environments. As artists, we mostly engage with the arts outside our homes. The film reflects on the sense of loss, the unknown, and our curiosity about transitioning to discover through touch, the arts as present in the spaces that surround us. 


Adrianna is a contact improvisation dancer, vagabond and independent artist with a background in somatics, creative writing, and various improvisation methods studied across the globe. She is interested in embracing artistic practices from different cultures into a creative process and looking at the trans-disciplinary potential when working with text, image, sound, and movement. She is passionately curious about exploring and making connections between different bodily practices, as well as working with instant composition in performances in participatory and experiential pieces. 

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