Divya Sachar

English | 19 minutes 36 seconds | Colour | 2021

Trailer and production stills of Searcher.


Can trauma be passed down generations? Is reincarnation possible? The film encapsulates an artist’s quest to understand the roots of her schizophrenia, find creative ways to come out of the nightmare of her mental illness, and perhaps seek catharsis through the process of the making of the film itself.  



Divya Sachar is a New Delhi based filmmaker, writer and photographer. She completed her Masters in English Literature from Delhi University and specialized in Television Direction at the Film and Television Institute of India. Her first film was a short documentary on body images. She has worked as a Screenwriter and Assistant Director in Mumbai. She also writes on films and the visual arts, and has a previous background of being a theatre practitioner and journalist. 



Script, Edit, Direction, Sound Design | Divya Sachar

Director of Photography | Piyush Pal Singh

Music | Dr Arwind Thatte