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Mehru Jaffer

Our Ammi in Times of Covid-19. Lucknow. 21 May 2020


None of us had ever imagined that one day all of humanity will be deprived of the essential cuddle, and of the life enforcing hug from the beloved grandmother. Yet this is exactly what has happened in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, reminding me of Urdu poet Ahmad Faraz who had once wondered if 'separation this time will lead to the next touch only in a dream, just as dried flowers meet only between the pages of a book'.


Ab ke hum bichde to shaayad kabhi khwaabon mein miley
Jis tarah sookhe huye phool kitaabon mein miley



Mehru Jaffer is a Lucknow based author and journalist. She is an amateur photographer and director of Mr Khan Vienna Love You, a documentary film from 2010 on the European fans of Bollywood heartthrob, Shah Rukh Khan. Mehru’s association with the print and electronic media is more than four decades old. She believes that visual arts are naturally empowered to share important aesthetic, cultural, political and social messages in a society where the majority of the population still waits to read and write fluently. Till that dream is realised, a picture will continue to be worth a thousand words!

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