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Songs of Resistance Against Brahmanical Patriarchy
Samata Kala Manch

ORIGINAL TITLE: गीत ब्राह्मणवादी पितृसत्ता प्रतिरोध के



A collection of 4 new music videos that give voice to struggles against the timeless power of brahmanical patriarchy. Devoted to all who have lost their lives in the struggles against violence and hate, they express solidarity with peoples' movements for social justice, dignity and human rights. These are songs of anger, distress, empathy, perseverance, determination and rebellion that bear testimony to the injustices against Dalits, adivasis and other marginalised peoples. Songs that dream of a new society based on equality, liberty, justice and sisterhood.


Amhi Savitricha Leki (We're the Daughters of Savitri), a tribute to Savitri Bai Phule by her 'daughters' who continue the fight for Dalit women's rights.

Ti Chalat Rahili (She Kept Walking) confronts manuvaad, brahmanism and patriarchy rooted in the society and the resistance of the Dalit community.

O Asifa remembers Asifa, a young nomadic Kashmiri Muslim girl subjected to unspeakable sexual violence, torture and death in the name of upper-caste religious privilege.

Tu Tod Behana (Break it, Sisters!) hails the feminist spirit that inspires movements through generations of struggle, sacrifice, solidarity and victories.


About the artists

Samata Kala Manch is an Ambedkarite cultural troupe, fighting caste-class-patriarchy and brahmanical fascism through the art of resistance. It performs songs, poetry, street plays of awareness and rebellion, in protests, rallies and other events of cultural resistance, as well as in community spaces. 


Amhi Savitricha Leki

Singer | Suvarna Salve 

Lyrics | Samiksha Morya 

Composition, Song Arrangement | Asit Sakpal 

Video | Asit Sakpal

Ti Chalat Rahili

Singer | Shradha Sakpal, Samiksha Morya, Asit Sakpal, Rakhumaji (Sonu) Gaikwad 

Lyrics | Samiksha Morya 

Composition, Song Arrangement | Asit Sakpal 

Video | Prateek Kumar Gautam

O Asifai

Music | Asit Sakpal

Writers/Lyricists | Samiksha Morya, Asit Sakpal

Tu Tod Behena

Singer | Asit Sakpal

Writer/Lyricist| Samiksha Morya

Composer| Asit Sakpal

Video Editor| Ashok Bankar, Rugveda Sawant

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