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“This Eid was spent in lockdown. We couldn’t hug each other, touch was forbidden. Still, we spent the lockdown comfortably while many of others couldn’t. They came back to their villages in cramped trains and walked miles together, holding each other’s hands, knowing that touch was not allowed or safe. 


We had enough to eat while many of our brothers and sisters didn’t. My husband and I couldn’t stand it because we have seen hunger, you know? We know what it’s like. Once we ourselves were outcasts. Akin to times like these, we had to leave our homes and cross borders. Many people helped us then. Some gave us food, some sheltered us and some offered us opportunities to make a living. I will never forget them. This time, it was out turn to help, so we have tried to do the same. 


Touch is forbidden, but our hearts met!” 


Fatima Bibi


Artwork by Maya Janine

Story narration by Milind Chhabra


Karuna or compassion can touch hearts and change the way of one’s being in this world. More than often, it creates ripples of mudita or finding happiness in other’s well-being. Fatima and her husband Habib were touched by the plight of the migrant labourers returning to their villages in the current lockdown situation. 


This submission draws from a podcast on Fatima Bibi's life and experiences.

Hear the full story here:




SPS Community Media is a part of Samaj Pragati Sahayog (SPS), a grassroots initiative for water and livelihood security, based out of a remote tribal village in Madhya Pradesh. The core team comprises of local people of the area who have been initiated into making films. Articulating the interaction of SPS with the community, these films etch stories of hope, which are then shared within the community itself through People’s Mobile Cinema. More than 200 films have been produced so far. In recent times, e-magazines and podcasts have been added to our creative repertoire.

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