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Announcing artistic fellowships for works that reflect, expose, confront and challenge the spaces, conditions, opportunities and obstacles of being women, queer and trans* folks at work.


Fellowship period: March - July 2023

Grant amount: ₹ 75000 - 2,00,000

Selection process under way

The issues at stake


It’s a binary world, in more ways than one. Do | Don’t. Can | Cannot. Us | Them. Good | Bad. Uniform | Diverse. Touchable | Untouchable. Moral | Immoral. Abled | Disabled. Safe | Unsafe.

A web of polarities holds us in, particularly as women, trans*, queer and other marginalised folks who may or may not conform to these binaries, affecting us in complex ways that we live and breathe and are often compelled to speak about. How we experience and understand the forces around us. How we navigate and negotiate the spaces we find ourselves placed in. How we push against the threads of conservatism and control. And sometimes, how we break down trying to find our way out.

Because the cords that hold us down today have the steely strength of patriarchal, heterosexist, regressive and misogynistic values tempered over time, even if they sometimes seem to be spun of silk. The binaries are perennially at work. Defining, undermining, restraining, and often determining who we are and can be, how we express ourselves, who we desire, what we believe and, most certainly, what we do.

Doing. It’s yet another complex ground of contestation, whether we follow or break away from gendered notions of work or traditional means of livelihoods. We may choose occupations understood to be at odds with our biological and chosen gender identities. We may confront or ignore inequalities and prejudice in our workspaces. We may be able to break glass ceilings or never be allowed to reach them. We may be privileged in our work or disadvantaged due to our caste, class, race, community or sexuality. We may have many dreams unfulfilled, and desires forever placed on hold. Or so much we wish we never had to do. We may have so much in common with each other, and so many different experiences.

reFrame invites you to explore and tease out the nuances of the inherently gendered nature of our labour, the visible and invisible work that we, as women, queer and trans* folks are engaged in, the roles we are expected to fulfil or are prohibited from, as against what we may want to do, need to do. Let us give voice to our diverse, varied, and layered lived experiences. Let us use our bodies and minds, our words and images, our sounds and silence, our rage and humour to talk about our gender and our work.

For the moment to question, to create and to deliberate is now.

Your voice. Your vision.
Proposals invited for artistic works in the medium of your choice.

As with the works created under our earlier fellowships, the ​outcomes of ‘g3: genderalities & work’ grants will be exhibited online and disseminated to visibilise issues and concerns, and generate crucial debates and discussions around gender and work.

The process

It is hoped that the outcomes of the reFrame Fellowships will together traverse new terrains and help carry forward the public discourse on multiple and complex issues relating to gender and work. With a plurality of content and artistic treatments, reFrame hopes to contribute to creating a more robust artistic eco-system, which counters the train-wreck of dominant forces at workplaces that seek to demolish every trace of difference and discourse.

During the course of the Fellowship, selected fellows will receive on-going mentorship from the reFrame Team and, if considered necessary, from peers in their field/s. So that as a reFrame Fellow you can create the best manifestation of the ideas, perspectives and challenges you wish to share with the world.


The g3: genderalities & work fellowships are partially supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.

Submission guidelines

You, the applicant

  1. Anyone presently living in India.

  2. May be individuals, collectives or formal/informal partnerships.

  3. May apply with only one proposal at a time.

  4. Where possible, preference will be given to newer artists, and those marginalised on the basis of their birth, work, dis/ability, gender identity or sexual orientation.


Your project

  1. Proposals may be for single works or series.

  2. Works may be in any language, but should carry subtitles, descriptions or translations in English.

  3. Works created under this Fellowship must be the applicant’s original ideas, not belonging to anyone else.

  4. Fellowship outcomes must be completed between the period of March- July 2023.


Your next steps

  1. Go to the link below, complete the Submission Form and Submit it.

  2. The submission form/proposal must be filled in English, though proposed work/s may be in any language.


Our terms


  1. reFrame reserves the right to refuse any project on aesthetic, ethical and pragmatic grounds.

  2. reFrame will not be responsible if multiple proposals explore similar ideas. We may select any of them, or could propose collaboration/s to applicants – which they are free to accept/reject.

  3. The works that emerge from the reFrame Fellowship must be built around the core values of social justice, sensibility and commitment to those marginalised on the basis of gender, sexuality, caste, class, occupation, disability and minority religious/ethnic identity.

  4. Each Fellowship will vary in the grant amount offered and deliverables expected.

  5. The results of the Fellowships are likely to be announced towards the end of February 2023.

  6. The decisions of reFrame selection committee will be final.

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