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proposals welcome

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Last date for applications: 10 June 2024

Grant amount: Rs. 50,000 - 1,00,000

Fellowship period: July - November 2024


Words. They're amazing, aren't they? With a mere 26 alphabets, the English language itself contains about a million words. So many ways to express ourselves, and yet, sometimes we can be totally lost for words. That’s when we start working and playing with words to get them to express what we want to, don’t we?

Like a palette of colours to a painter, images and sounds to a filmmaker, bits and bytes to a coder, words can start a sentence for us or complete a thought. They can express our deepest desires in the gentlest terms or suppress us with their harshness. They can vanish with the moment or linger in our minds. Words can reveal it all, or ironically, conceal more than they say. Sometimes they reflect the times gone by, and sometimes, they evolve to express new ideas and ways of being. They can inspire and engage, seduce and hurt, whisper our secrets, scream our rage, share our joy, and much, much more. 

If words are the medium through which you articulate, appreciate, ruminate, stimulate, pontificate, activate, remonstrate, contemplate and celebrate, and have something to say about the challenges and realities of navigating the increasing assertion of stereotypes, roles and rules being imposed upon us as women, trans* and queer folks, the reFrame genderalities4.0 Call for Proposals is for you. 

We’re spreading word of an opportunity for 3 women, trans* or queer writers (and that includes aspiring writers/teams of writers) to write about the struggles against the stranglehold of rules and norms tightening all around us, especially in relation to our gender, and how they are complicated by our caste, class, ethnicity, dis/ability, regional or religious identity. 

We look forward to writings about how you or others around you resist them, juggle or ‘manage’ them, subvert them, confront them, reject them, write or re-write them at home, leisure, the workplace, or anywhere out there – be it in publishing or manufacture, environment or technology, education or travel, politics or art... 

Send in your proposals for whatever you’d like to write about, and the form you’d like to write it in. We welcome long pieces and short, and even a series. Likewise for fiction and nonfiction, prose or poetry, drama or horror, reportage or fantasy, a thought piece, zine or blog, a graphic novel, feature essay, a tale for children or erotica for adults. Anything that’s revealing, moving, inspiring, funny, shocking, frightening, enticing and engaging for the reader. Your reader.

​The process

It is hoped that the outcomes of the reFrame Fellowships will together traverse new terrains and help carry forward the public discourse on multiple and complex issues relating to gender. With a plurality of content and artistic treatments, reFrame hopes to contribute to creating a more robust artistic eco-system, which counters the train-wreck of dominant forces at workplaces that seek to demolish every trace of difference and discourse.

During the course of the Fellowship, selected fellows will receive mentorship from the reFrame Team and, if considered necessary, from peers in their field/s. So that as a reFrame Fellow you can create the best manifestation of the ideas, perspectives and challenges you wish to share with the world.

Submission guidelines


You, the applicant

1. Women, trans* and queer folks presently living in India.
2. May be individuals, collectives or formal/informal partnerships.
3. May apply with only one proposal at a time.

Your project

1. Proposals may be for single works or a series.
2. Works should be only in English.
3. All works must be adaptable/usable in online media spaces. 
Works created under this Fellowship must be the applicant’s original ideas, not belonging to anyone else.
5. Fellowship outcomes must be completed by November 2024.

Our terms

1. reFrame reserves the right to refuse any project on aesthetic, ethical and pragmatic grounds.
2. reFrame will not be responsible if multiple proposals explore similar ideas. 
3. The works that emerge from the reFrame Fellowships must be built around the core values of social justice, sensibility and commitment to those marginalised on the basis of gender, sexuality, caste, class, occupation, disability and minority religious/ethnic identity.
4. Each Fellowship will vary in the grant amount offered and deliverables expected.

5. To view previous grant projects, visit
6. Selections are likely to be announced in July 2024.

7. As with the works created under our earlier fellowships, the ​outcomes of ‘genderalities4.0’ grants will be exhibited online and disseminated to visibilise issues and concerns, and generate crucial debates and discussions around gender and its intersections.

For enquiries, write to us at

The clock is ticking from the word go, so click here for the submission form and get those proposals flying to us!

Good luck.

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