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Durational Performance


In response to the lockdown, at my rented place in Delhi I am sleeping, sitting, eating, talking, blogging, dreaming, and preparing myself for the future on a bed made of clay. The language of my body on the mitti is also about how I develop a new intimacy between the skin of the mitti and my body, and the edible essentials on my mitti-ka-bister. As an artist, as a body, as an animal who needs food and shelter to exist, I perform, I write, I live on my mitti-ka-bister. My blog is vital limb of my clay-bed, an urgent statement before I scream.




Originally from Orissa, Rajni completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chennai, and followed it up with a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication.  She is now a resident of Delhi, where she doesn’t just create art, she lives it.

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