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Reiko Shimizu

Duo performative action
Video 1' 00"

Music: Masatoshi Utashima / Yuniwa 


“Two artists, Reiko Shimizu from Japan and Polly Laiyla from Bangladesh, were to look for the roots of humanity beyond the crisis of human identity, beyond the obstruction of the flag and nationality. A red circle on white, a Japanese flag, and a red circle on green, a Bangladesh flag disappears there and start to speak of an open world.” Crack International Art Camp at Kustia, Bangladesh in December 2019.




Born in Japan as a grand daughter of a Buddhist monk, studied art in New York, built a family in Brazil and living in India since 2012. Her cross-culture background spanning different cultures has given her a unique set of conceptual tools to connect and give meaning to the environment around her. Her multi disciplinary practice is a mixture of visual, sculptural, conceptual, performative, spiritual and musical expression. She often works with artists from various disciplines merging cultures and ideas to play during live ‘happening’ performances where she endures, repeats, risks and commands as artist. Her concern with the universal theme of human existence and the everyday lived experience are reflected in all her works. Her works are shown internationally.

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